Chelsie Won a Fellowship from ARIS to Create a Science Art Toolkit!

Chelsie received a fellowship in 2021 from the Advancing Research in Society (ARIS) to create a science-art toolkit to help researchers learn how to translate their science to the public through art! The toolkit will be available here and on other platforms in 2022.

2020 City of East Lansing Science-Art Pieces

"The Sci-Files Galaxy" at Valley Court Park by Chelsie Boodoo and Daniel Puentes
"The Sci-Files Rainbow DNA" by Chelsie Boodoo and Daniel Puentes

Chelsie was commissioned by the City of East Lansing to create science-art at Valley Court Park. The pieces represent how science is everywhere and were created by her and her co-host for The Sci-Files, Daniel Puentes. The sidewalk art can be seen there. The art was also featured in a news piece by WILX.

Chelsie and her mother Annie Boodoo have come together to create the business “Shaping Curiosity” to inspire curiosity in science among all ages through art. They will be creating public science art pieces that are family-friendly, meant to spark curiosity from the viewers while making science more accessible! More info will be available soon. If you have any questions please email

The MSU SciComm 2021 Virtual Science Art Exhibition: "Breaking Barriers"

MSU SciComm is hosting its third science art exhibition in the Fall of 2021! If you are interested in participating please email Chelsie at or

The MSU SciComm 2020 Virtual Science Art Exhibition: "Catalyst"

Chelsie organized a virtual science-art exhibition with MSU SciComm themed “Catalyst”. The exhibition was released at the end of 2020. She and her team are donate some prints to local schools to inspire others. Please email if you are interested in donating!

2019 Live Science Art Show with "Physics Girl" Dianna Cowern

Nearly 500 people attended a live-science art show at the Wharton Center on Oct. 19, 2019 featuring YouTube science communicator “Physics Girl” Dianna Cowern. The crowd included grade-school students, teachers, parents, college students, professors and scientists. This was an amazing experience where Chelsie had the opportunity not only to meet Dianna but to also do things with her on stage.

Chelsie interviewing Dianna on stage for the live Q&A session hosted after the science-art show
Chelsie interviewing Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl) on stage for the live Q&A session hosted after the science-art show

2019 Science Art Exhibition: "Life"

The Michigan Map 2019 made by Chelsie Boodoo, Taylor Murphy and Mei Klingsir

In 2019, Chelsie helped MSU SciComm organize their first science-art exhibition and she created art pieces with scientists and artists for the exhibition. After the exhibition, the art pieces were donated to public places for everyone to enjoy.

The exhibition can be virtually viewed here.

Spartan Helmet
Spartan Helmet made by Chelsie Boodoo, Taylor Murphy and Mei Klingsir

2019 Science Beer Release

Chelsie brewed a beer at Saugatuck Brewing Company with her co-host Daniel Puentes. The beer “Atomic Ale” was released was on Oct 19, 2019 at The Grid Bar/Arcade. While people drank the beer they were able to listen to short science talks or play games. Past interviewees from The Sci-Files gave five-minute rundowns on their latest research findings, which updated people who heard their episodes. Guests at the event also had the opportunity to play arcade games with the scientists at The Grid. Prizes were donated by Impact 89 FM and Astronomy on Tap, which is an informal presentation series by astronomers held inside local bars.

The Sci-Files and Physics Girl at the Atomic Ale Beer Release
The Sci-Files and Physics Girl at the Atomic Ale Beer Release