Chelsie attended ComSciCon Michigan (MI) in 2018 in Ann Arbor, MI and she helped organize the 2019 ComSciCon MI. She also helped organize the Graduate Academic Conference 2019 for the Council of Graduate Students by helping scientists to learn how to creatively depict science. She attended Science Talk 2019 where she was able to network with other science communicators and tell them about the piece she wrote on Joe Palca after she interviewed him for the Science Talk blog.

Chelsie is passionate about science communication. She helped start MSU SciComm, a student organization to bring awareness and training on science communication at MSU. She helped found The Sci-Files, an Impact 89 FM radio show that focuses on interviewing students about their research to spread the word about science and inspire the public. She co-hosts “The Sci-Files” with Daniel Puentes.

For science communication, she was featured in: MSU Today for MSU SciCommMSU Today for The Sci-FilesThe MSU BEST Celebration BookResearch@MSU, Unique Scientists. The Science Bloggers Podcast, 1 Million Women in STEM, The Lansing City Pulse for brewing a Pale Ale for Science and again in The Lansing City Pulse for The Sci-Files.

Chelsie enjoys doing outreach with Skype a Scientist and Letters to a Prescientist.

She loves learning about accessibility and is currently teaching herself American Sign Language! A conference that she did not organize, but highly recommend is SciAccess.

Science Policy

With colleagues, she wrote a White Paper on “The Possible Expiration of the New START, the Last Nuclear Bilateral Treaty Between the United States and the Russian Federation” and a blog for The Union Concerned Scientists, “A Pivotal Moment in US-Russian Arms Control”. She has also advocated for the deproliferation of nuclear weapons in Washington DC and hosted numerous science policy workshops with MSU SciComm.

Above photo credit: Tayler Murphy