The Sci-Files is an award-winning specialty show on Impact 89 FM  (The Michigan State University Student Radio) that graduate student, Daniel Puentes, and I founded. New episodes air on Sundays 9:30 am- 10 am. The episodes are are available online as podcasts the day after the show airs on your favorite directory like iTunes and Spotify. 

Together, we interview students on the radio about their research and highlight the person conducting the studies to show that scientists are normal people too. This show is meant to help listeners understand the importance of science and hear stories about what it’s like to be an student doing research.

You can ask us questions about our future episodes! 

We host events like releasing beer that we brew to raise money for different efforts like animal conservation. Or virtual events like a Q&A session where people of all ages can join and enjoy science. If you’re an MSU student interested in being interviewed or if you have any questions, you can contact scifiles@impact89fm.org

Photo receiving award of First Place in College Talk Show at the Michigan Student Broadcast Awards