I attended ComSciCon Michigan (MI) in 2018 in Ann Arbor, MI and I am helping to organize the 2019 ComSciCon MI. I also helped organize the Graduate Academic Conference 2019 for the Council of Graduate Students by helping scientists to learn how to creatively depict science. I attended Science Talk 2019 where I was able to network with other science communicators and tell them about the piece I wrote on Joe Palca after I interviewed him for the Science Talk blog.

I am passionate about science communication. I helped start MSU SciComm, a student organization to bring awareness and training on science communication at MSU. I also helped found The Sci-Files, an Impact 89 FM radio show that focuses on interviewing students about their research to spread the word about science and inspire the public.

For science communication, I was featured in: MSU Today for MSU SciCommMSU Today for The Sci-FilesThe MSU BEST Celebration BookResearch@MSU, Unique Scientists. The Science Bloggers Podcast, 1 Million Women in STEM, The Lansing City Pulse for brewing a Pale Ale for Science and again in The Lansing City Pulse for The Sci-Files.

I enjoy learning about accessibility and I am currently teaching myself American Sign Language! A conference that I did not organize, but highly recommend is SciAccess.

Science Policy

With colleagues, I wrote a White Paper on “The Possible Expiration of the New START, the Last Nuclear Bilateral Treaty Between the United States and the Russian Federation” and a blog for The Union Concerned Scientists, “A Pivotal Moment in US-Russian Arms Control”. I have also advocated for the deproliferation of nuclear weapons in Washington DC and hosted numerous science policy workshops with MSU SciComm.

Above photo credit: Tayler Murphy