·       Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Conference                                            (Tampa, FL October 2015)

·       Texas A&M REU Poster Session                                                               (College Station, TX August 2016)

·       FIU McNair Conference (Oral 1st Place and Poster Presentation)                          (Miami, FL October 2016)

·       Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (Poster)          (Tampa, FL November 2016)

·       NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology Conference (Poster)                 (Los Angelos, CA, August 2018)

·       World Molecular Imaging Conference (Poster)                                             (Miami, FL September 2018)

·       MSU Reproductive Developmental Science Day (Poster)                           (Portland, MI November 2018)

·       ComSciCon Michigan                                                                                    (Ann Arbor, MI August 2018)

·       Science Talk                                                                                                        (Portland, OR April 2019)

 ·     Michigan State University Engineering Symposium  Best Poster in Health, Food Safety and Biomechanics                                                                                                                         (East Lansing, MI August 2019)