Chelsie Boodoo earned her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Chemistry from Florida International University (FIU). She moved to East Lansing, Michigan to go to Michigan State University (MSU). When she moved to MSU, she started working in a research lab with Dr. Christina Chan, where she learned how to tissue culture bladder smooth muscle cells. She studies what happens when the bladder is overstretched because people cannot feel when they need to void their bladder.

She is curious about what happens to the extracellular matrix and the metabolism of the cells after they are stretched. After her Ph.D. she is interested in pursuing a career in science communication. She loves learning about the different ways to get people involved in science and helping them understand so that they feel more comfortable with science. Science communication has helped her in many ways. For example, she won the best poster award at the 2019 MSU Engineering Symposium in Food Safety, Health, and Biomechanics because of her ability to explain my research clearly.

She wants to spread knowledge in the different realms of science communication which is why she founded the student organization MSU SciComm. The different domains MSU SciComm focuses on are science: writing, speaking art, and policy. She loves being the President and Founder of this organization because many students have learned about another area of science that they were not aware of beforehand and networked with people outside of their field.

Through the Council of Graduate Student (COGS) she was given the opportunity to help found and co-host a radio show at Impact 89FM called The Sci-Files, where she interviews different graduate students on their research on Sunday’s at 9:30 am on Impact 89 FM.